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Neil Hammack

Neil Hammack is an accomplished Executive Vice President with a distinguished career in construction, currently serving as the Director of Construction at Inception Development. With a strong foundation as Executive Vice President for Dominion Builders, LLC, Neil has over a decade of experience in leadership positions within construction management firms in South Florida. His expertise extends to various sectors, including agriculture, health/medical, hospitality, retail, and corporate office construction. Neil brings extensive construction experience, including leadership positions as construction manager and vice president of operations for developers and construction management firms in South Florida. He has provided oversight for multiple hotel projects in South Florida. He has also successfully worked on overseeing national projects and is an expert in senior living and healthcare construction markets. Neil is currently a member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Pillar board.

Kurt Nishimura

Kurt Nishimura has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He started his career in commercial real estate moving up the corporate ladder with several leading real estate and financial institutions including JMB Realty, Crown Golf Properties, ABN AMRO, KSL Recreation,Olympus Hospitality Group and Pivotal Group. He served as Vice President of Acquisitions for 7 years for Pivotal Group overseeing the rebranding and renovation of the Century Plaza which was converted to the Westin Century Plaza and St. Regis Los Angeles. In addition, he was the asset manager responsible for repositioning of Red Mountain Spa which earned top 5 Destination Spa in 2008 Since then, he has run his own consulting and brokerage firm since 2009 and served as President of the local chapter of AREAA Greater Phoenix from 2014 and 2015. He currently serves on the National board from AREAA National.

Alfred Hermiz

Alfred Hermiz is one of the industry leaders in both Cannabis Cultivation and Oleoresin “Concentrate” Extraction. He is one of many working to progress medical and recreational cannabis knowledge, legislation, and sound business practices within the US and internationally. With a deep understanding of plant science and industry knowledge Alfred is helping move the cultivation and processing of cannabis into larger scalable facilities with the highest level of standards in all areas including regulatory, health, safe & sustainable horticultural practices, advanced extraction & lab processes, and overall product quality control. In late 2014 Alfred founded his company Endo Farms Consulting, LLC and since he has designed over 20 cultivation facilities, provided clients with full operational SOP’s for cultivation, genetic development & preservation (tissue culture), and extraction/infusion processing. Profoundly driven Alfred has always been dedicated to his clients, partners, employees, and even more to understanding the cannabis plant and creating its ideal environment.

Alfred is a common speaker at cannabis expos and trade shows regarding cultivation and intelligent building design. He received multiple degrees from Arizona State University where he was awarded a MBA in Finance, a B.S. in Global Finance, and a B.A. in Psychology. Currently Alfred is working on finishing a degree certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Greenhouse/Nursery Management. During his college years Alfred truly fell in love with cannabis cultivation and began broadening his studies into big agriculture and commercial cultivation applications, as well as dabbling into cannabis extractions. Expanding on that passion is what lead Mr. Hermiz further into the rabbit hole of the regulated cannabis industry which is where his heart and career passions now lie. Cultivating cannabis since the start of the industry provided many challenges and insights to the growth and trends in all areas of the cannabis industry: from cultivation to extraction, development of branded products, IP & licensing opportunities, and the retail/dispensary experience.

Thru working with different types of cannabis companies, from publicly traded to startup operations, Alfred understands the important tasks in starting and running regulated cannabis businesses. He also works towards setting a new standard in designing cannabis cultivations specializing in state of the art, highly efficient, cultivation & extraction/infusion processing facilities. While performing the role of Director of Cultivation & Design for AZ state licensed cultivation sites Alfred had dozens of employees under his direction. Alfred is well versed in the complexities of state regulated seed-to-sale software and the intricacies in managing a production site within a highly regulated industry. His dedication to operating within high standards allows his production sites to not only achieve an unsurpassed level of intelligent design, maximized efficiencies, and work safety conditions, but it also provides the attention to detail and mindfulness to produce the highest quality of “craft” cannabis products.

Alfred plans on continuing to further the science and efficiency of commercial cannabis cultivation & extraction sites thru engaging peers and those at the top of their respected fields in the cannabis industry. His ultimate goal is to be a leader in the budding cannabis industry and will continue to work, progressing towards that goal.

Jonathan Ammon

Jonathan has designed, coordinated and constructed over $1 billion and 2 million square feet of space in the areas of life sciences, education, office and research facilities.  In addition to his work as an architect and builder, Jonathan has managed the virtual and 3D coordination effort specific to the design, construction, pre-fabrication, assembly, installation and closeout of multiple science and research facilities (wet labs, dry labs, etc).  Concurrent to this work, Jonathan founded and partnered his former aerial photography and data acquisition company OffTheGround with multiple construction management companies and general contracting firms.

Jonathan is actively involved in Spanish immersion education for children and received both his Master of Architecture and Master of Construction Management from Washington University in St. Louis.


  • Design and construction management
  • Collaborative project workflow
  • 2D/3D visualization and graphics representation
  • Prefabrication and assembly

Quick Summary

  • Architect | Builder | Project & Development Manager | Engineering Systems Coordination
  • Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Construction Management