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Our Philosophy

As an art form, architecture blends creativity with a sensitivity to the environment. With that in mind, buildings are most successful when they inspire the larger community while helping their human occupants reach day-to-day goals with energy and enthusiasm.

“If you understand structure, there’s no limit to design possibilities.”

Our work ethic

We pride ourselves on the level of detail and innovation we bring to each project. We believe these qualities are necessary to create custom structures that can be built with maximum efficiency and exceed all end users expectations.

Innovation and attention to detail since 2005.

The application of rigorous design principles, combined with creative flexibility, sets the foundation for successful buildings in every category.

At Pathangay Architects, were problem solvers who take the time to feel and understand every space we attempt to transform. As artists, our goal is to take this understanding and create something truly unique, inviting, memorable, and functional.

We break down barriers and foster meaningful connections that transcend borders

Welcome to our unique office where language barriers are shattered! We take pride in our diverse team of multilingual professionals who fluently speak multiple languages. With this exceptional linguistic prowess, we ensure effective communication and seamless collaboration with clients and partners from all corners of the globe. Embracing the richness of cultural diversity, our office becomes a melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and innovation.  

Building Information Management (BIM) & How We Utilize It

Building information management is a transformative strategy that integrates 3D visualization, material scheduling and system clash detection to solve building construction problems and optimize the building process. We help the construction team be efficient and stay on track through an enhanced and predicting scheduling system.

With BIM our team is able to visualize not just spaces but outcomes, aligning every inch of a project with our vision. 

We don’t just build projects; we orchestrate an optimized construction process. 

 BIM allows for efficient planning and design, reduces material waste, anticipates and helps to avoid structural issues and enhances decision-making with augmented reality. Embracing BIM is not just an expense but a strategic investment ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and satisfaction. Proper planning and the right technology are essential for a successful building project.

Our Core Values

Build Relationships / Deliver Results:  We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment by connecting our clients, partners, and consumers to drive success.

Honesty and integrity: Demonstrating honesty and sound ethical behavior in all business transactions and personal integrity in all dealings with others. We pride ourselves on being transparent and candid.

Think big: Challenging our ideas of the conventional to better meet the needs of our clients. We foster a culture of unrivalled vision, innovation and execution.

Commit to constant improvement:  We strive for continuous growth professionally and personally.

Promote Positivity:  Our success is dependent upon the collective uplifting energy, intelligence, and contributions of all our Team Members.