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The application of rigorous design principles, combined with creative flexibility, sets the foundation for successful buildings in every category.

At Pathangay Architects, we’re problem solvers who take the time to feel and understand every space we attempt to transform. As artists, our goal is to take this understanding and create something truly unique, inviting, memorable, and functional.

“If you understand structure, there’s no limit to the design possibilities.” —Navin Pathangay

Our philosophyAs an art form, architecture blends creativity with a sensitivity to the environment. With that in mind, buildings are most successful when they inspire the larger community while helping their human occupants reach day-to-day goals with energy and enthusiasm.

Our work ethicWe pride ourselves on the level of detail and innovation we bring to each project. We believe these qualities are necessary to create custom structures that can be built with maximum efficiency and exceed all end users’ expectations.

Our Team

Navin Pathangay, AIA

While Navin was formally trained at the prestigious [SCHOOL NAME], he knew he wanted to be an architect when he was just seven years old. Awestruck after walking through a new house in the Mauritius Island neighborhood where he grew up, Navin expressed his admiration for the work. The architect, a family friend who also owned the house, took Navin under his wing and the rest is history.

A world traveler, Navin is continually inspired by the colors, textures and materials of different cultures and localities. Throughout his career, Navin has worked on projects in Africa, Europe and the United States.

For XX years, Navin taught Xxxxxx at ASU. He loves to share his knowledge and continues to inspire the next generation of architects by training recent graduates and judging student design competitions.

In his free time, Navin likes to

Jaime Collins
Student of Navin Pathangay at ASU


Michael Teich

Michael’s love of architecture began in XXXXX.
He received his XXX from XXXX and has worked at a number of architectural firms throughout the Southwestern U.S.
He’s most proud of…He specializes in…His guiding design principle is…
He’s most inspired by….
When he’s not at the office, Michael likes to…

Don Carstens



Kurt Nishimura

Kurt Nishimura, is a real estate veteran with over 15 years experience in the field and 10 years within the hospitality sector. He served as a Vice President at Pivotal Group, a real estate development company with over $2 billion in assets. In addition, he dramatically increased the value of the Rockresorts brand name while with Olympus Hospitality Group resulting in the successful sale to Vail Resorts in November 2001. Mr. Nishimura has worked on a broad range of assignments including asset management, acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, equity sourcing, repositioning and development, fractional and condo ownership, strategic planning, forecasting, profit enhancement, capital planning, and cost benefit analysis. Mr. Nishimura worked in various Corporate Finance positions with ABN AMRO Bank, N.A., Crown Golf Properties and JMB Realty Corporation.


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  • Construction Documents
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  • Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Interior Design